06 June 2017
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The Commissioner for Senior Victorians has a fortnightly 'Seniors Update' on Golden Days Radio. Listen to Gerard share details about his role.

Ian Cochrane:
Welcome to ‘Seniors Update’, news and information for the senior members of our community, from Gerard Mansour, Commissioner for Senior Victorians.

Gerard Mansour:
Hello, everyone. It's great to be with you today, and I’d like to talk with you a little bit about my role as Commissioner for Senior Victorians.

There are really four key things that I do as Commissioner on behalf of our seniors, here in Victoria.

The first, I provide advice to government regularly on a whole range of issues that affect seniors. And, most recently, the government’s published a report where I looked at isolation and loneliness of older people. So, I work with the minister, Martin Foley, identify some priority areas where advice is appropriate, and then make sure that I represent the interests and the views of older people.

Second role, which is a really important one, is a community education role - to make sure that our community, more widely, also understands the broad range of issues of seniors, and the important positive contribution that seniors make.

A third, and a really important part of my work, is to liaise with the broad range of stakeholders, government departments, peak organisations, who are all involved in representing the interests of seniors.

I never assume, of course, that I know it all, and an important part of my role is recognising the role that individual seniors play at the local level - local councils, various government departments. So an important part of my work is a whole lot of liaison and consultation with organisations and individual seniors.

Part of that as well, and something that I really enjoy to do, is to connect with seniors at the local level. And I'm regularly asked and invited to do presentations to seniors groups and to local community organisations. And I highly value the opportunity to interact directly with seniors and local communities.

And the final role is what I would call a referral role. Often I get asked by seniors to point them in the right direction, and that's an important part of the work that I do, and the department that supports me, making sure that if seniors aren't clear about where they can get the right advice and the right information, that I make sure that those connections occur.

I'll be back in a moment, but first let's take a musical break.

Ian Cochrane:

First, let’s take a musical break.

(Music plays)

Ian Cochrane:
Fred Astaire with a 1936 song that he recorded in the 1950s – 'A Fine Romance'. So, Gerard, would you like to sum up what you've been telling us today?

Gerard Mansour:
So, just to summarise my role, really, four key things I do. I provide advice to government, I make sure that there's community education about the contribution of seniors, consult and liaise with older people and the range of organisations that represent their interests, and referral for seniors to make sure they connect to the right information.

Ian Cochrane:

Join us next time here on Golden Days Radio when Gerard Mansour, Commissioner for Senior Victorians, presents Seniors' Update, news and information for the senior members of our community. For more information, go to seniorsonline.vic.gov.au. I'm Ian Cochrane and this has been a Golden Days Radio presentation.