Rod Hardy and Gavin Wood talk about their beginnings in radio, their work in television and their developing friendship in Hollywood Los Angeles and the incredible stars of screen they have worked with.

Rod Hardy is a widely accomplished and talented director who has forged his keen instincts and trademark visual sense of story through extensive experience. He moved to LA in 1992, and has garnered both Golden Globe and Emmy nominations, along with a myriad of awards and industry recognition. 

Gavin Wood’s media credits form a long list covering every television network and numerous AM and FM radio stations around Australia. His credit list is several pages long but in a nutshell his association with “Countdown” for 7 years, to over 3 million viewers each Sunday night lead to his number one breakfast show on EON FM. He has hosted his own show on another 10 radio stations across Australia, provided the voice, audience warm-up and presentations for tonight shows, game shows and variety specials around the country.

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