Victorian Seniors Festival Reimagined logos and Radio 88fm’s Ian Braybrook

Radio 88FM’s Ian Braybrook presents a four-episode documentary series on Australian music icons across a range of genres.

June 2021, Episode 1

This program takes us back to the early days of Australian rock 'n' roll music, principally the 1960's. It focuses on the music and experiences of two legends of the rock era, Marcie Jones (later to become Marcie and The Cookies) and the immensely popular band, The Thunderbirds.

July 2021, Episode 2

Father and daughter, Donna and Gene Bradley Fisk are the subject of this program. Both are renowned in Country Music circles - with Donna crossing over to mainstream at times. She recently returned from Nashville where she recorded an exciting new album. One of the songs lifted as a single, ‘Crying Over’, was released in mid-July and is featured in this program.

Gene Bradley Fisk, her father has a long career in commercial radio stations including Bendigo and Maryborough as well as Melbourne’s 3uz and Geelong’s 3GL. He is also a top Country Music performer who is a member of the Country Music Broadcasters Hall of Fame, Tamworth Country Hands of Fame and has several other major awards.

Find out more about Donna Fisk

August 2021, Episode 3

Andrew Durant was an accomplished singer and songwriter, and in the late 1970’s was a member of the band ’STARS’ headed for a long career. Sadly, he died from cancer in 1979 aged just 26. Fellow band member Mal Eastwick organised a memorial concert on 19 August 1980 at The Palais in St Kilda Melbourne.

The subjects of this program are Andrew, the concert and STARS who broke up following Durant's death and have successfully reformed 40 years later, aged in their sixties.
Features interviews with Mal Eastick, Mick Pealing, Broderick Smith, Mick O'Connor and Richard Clapton.

September 2021, Episode 4

This program features Broderick Smith and Richard Clapton – two legendary Australian performers. Both began their music careers in the early 1970’s and both are still performing today.

Richard Clapton has had numerous top 10 albums and his single hits include Girls on the Avenue (1975) and I am an Island (1982). He has been described as the most important songwriter of his time and is a member of the ARIA Hall of Fame. Broderick Smith, also in the ARIA Hall of Fame, is a prolific songwriter and lyricist, and renowned exponent of the harmonica and guitar.

October 2021, Episode 5

The Ted Mulry Gang, commonly abbreviated to TMG, was one of the most successful rock bands of the 1970’s. Ted Mulry was the band leader and principal songwriter, who penned at least a dozen songs that made the top 40 in the 1970’s and mid 1980’s. The band remained active and popular until Ted’s premature death in 2001.

In this program Ian Braybrook talks to some original members of TMG and the tour manager/promoter, to give an insight into what life and success was really like for them. It features many examples of TMG’s hit music, highlighting the late Ted Mulry’s songwriting capability.

November 2021, Episode 6

In 1958, four young surfers began to sing at regular social nights at the Bronte Surf Club. Soon they were engaged as backing vocalists for Johnny O’Keefe and visiting international artists. It was not long before they were engaged as performers in their own right and so began a career spread over the next 60 years.

Following the tragic death of their original lead singer in a car accident it fell to Ian Pee Wee Wilson to be leader, a role he filled for the next 60 years, until his retirement in 2020. The Delltones story as he relates it in this radio program is fascinating.

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