Comedians Ivan Aristiguieta and Kehau Jackson discuss their craft, honing every syllable of a joke, and their experiences of interpreting Australian culture and terms of phrase.

Ivan Aristiguieta is a Venezuelan-born comedian, who has lived in Australia for eight years. Ivan originally trained as a chef and is a proud food nerd. His comedy credits include the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala and the Just for Laughs Montreal Comedy Festival. He was was awarded Best Newcomer by the Sydney Comedy Festival in 1996 and has been a guest on numerous TV shows including Have you Been Paying Attention, The Project, Celebrity Name Game, Hughesy We Have a Problem and The Living Room.                                             

Kehau Jackson has been performing in Australia since she moved to Adelaide, South Australia in 2002 from her home town of Honolulu, Hawaii. A regular in comedy clubs around the country, she also entertains a wide list of corporate groups, sports clubs, and communities in all corners of the state from Manoosa to Kadina to the Yorke Peninsula. With her sassy look at everyday life, she’s brought her humour to television’s Comedy Channel and is a recurring guest on ABC Radio.

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