Vahideh Irine and Tangata standing in front of a blue velvet curtain smiling at the camera

An intergenerational conversation amongst three women sharing their connections as music makers in theatrical contexts.

Irine, Vahideh and Tangata share their ongoing calibrations of where and how music lives in their lives both personally and professionally, whilst each reveals their deep cultural connection to music from Albania to Iran to the Pacific. 

Featuring original kanun compositions by Vahideh Eisaei and Tangata Tupou singing "Aotearoa" accompanied by Irine Vela.

Vahideh Eisaei - an Iranian Kanun player and social worker with a passion for music and theatre.
Tangata Tupou - vocalist of Cook Island / Maori heritage with a passion for the power of voice and song.
Irine Vela - composer, librettist, creative producer and director.

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