2021 Victorian Seniors Festival Reimagined branding with logo, images of Anna, Talgium, Nita, Ron and Anna

Welcome to the 2021 Victorian Seniors Festival Reimagined. In 2021 the Festival Reimagined is presenting a very diverse and rich mix of monthly programming for our online and radio audience.

What can you expect? Think of the classic old English rhyme: Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. We have been inspired to produce creative programming that expresses continuity, optimism for the future and learnings from generation to generation.

Continuity underpins the lyrics and music of Dave Arden, the superb jazz cultural infusion rhythms of the superb trio Iaki Vallejo, David Jones and Evri Evripidou, and the magical journeys of Sam Angelico and Ross Skiffington. You can enjoy the performance of acts you already know and acts that are new to you. One of our Faces of the Festival, the indomitable Ian Braybrook form Castlemaine’s Radio 88, is producing 4 great radio documentaries combining performances and interviews with great Australian artists from the 1960's onwards.

What a rich cultural society Victoria now is. The expression and sharing of both cultural differences and cross-cultural connections is such a positive thing - now and into the future. Get a taste of that with the Djoliba Rattler Quartet, with Sarita McHarg and Jacob Papadopoulos, and by dipping into the video featuring David Marama, Fem Belling and Rolf Koren.

The Seniors Festival recognises the importance of generation to generation learning and the role that older people have in mentoring inspiring younger people to produce great work. Dure Dara, for 40 years a jazz musician and one half of the amazing Stephanie’s restaurant up until 1997, continues to explore experimental and new music. For us, she joins up with Carolyn Connors from the generation following her to talk and make music.  Angharad Wynne-Jones develops international and local projects with artists, scientists, and communities on the cultural response to climate change.  She converses with two next generation arts producers Eliki Reade and Lana Nguyen. They explore a life in the arts in times of seismic change and the demand for practical action.

As for purity of performance – we have such a deep pool to draw on. Contemporary playwright and director Sandra Shotlander presents Lady in Waiting, which is a powerful work addressing the journey involved in confronting a life changing illness. David Wells continues to put himself out there, re-exploring and interpreting the public performance environments of the zoo, the Myer windows and Footscray station. The trio Bush Gothic interprets classic Australian folk songs with wonderful musicality and fresh voices.

So check out our programming every month. There are six series in the Festival Reimagined: Pure performance, Cultural riches, In conversation, Artist in studio, Radio plays and Revel in radio. 

More Victorian Seniors Festival content will be added each month until the end of the year, so come back and check it out, leave us a comment, and share with your friends! 

And most of all keep on keep'n on!