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Elder abuse and your rights

Protecting your rights

Sometimes making decisions about what’s in your best interests can be difficult. You may feel uncomfortable or under pressure to make decisions against your wishes or feel that you are being exploited. Decision making can be made more difficult when it involves family and others close to you.

You have the right to make informed decisions about protecting your assets and other issues such as powers of attorney, retirement planning and investment, wills and estate planning and housing choices. For example, do you want to sell the family home, rearrange your finances or take out a reverse mortgage? A range of professional and information services are available to help you make informed decisions with confidence.

Information and services are also available from Seniors Rights Victoria (SRV) (link opens a new window), a specialist, free and confidential service funded by the Victorian Government to help protect older people from elder abuse, that is abuse by trusted friends or from within the family. If you feel you are being controlled or under pressure to hand over money or other assets, or to sell your home, SRV is there to help.  More information on action being taken by the Victorian Government to prevent elder abuse is available on the Department of Health's website (link opens a new window)

Other services are available to help protect and safeguard your privacy when using the internet or are approached by telemarketers, and to provide information and advice on avoiding scams and swindles.

If you, or someone you know, is in an unsafe situation you can also ring Victoria Police on 000.

What is in this section?

Information about elder and financial abuse is provided here.

Other organistions can also help. You may wish to visit links and contacts for more organisations who can assist with your rights.

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The links and contacts page also has additional resources you may find useful.